The FrostVaper is here!

Tired of always being warm? Say goodbye to sweltering heat and stuffy air with the FrostVaper, your ultimate solution for a cool and refreshing environment. Designed with innovation and functionality in mind, the FrostVaper is not just a typical cooling fan, it's a game-changer for your living space.

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  • Stay Cool And Hydrated

    Experience the ultimate in cooling technology with our versatile FrostVaper with build in humidifier.

    You can keep yourself refreshed and comfortable with the 180° rotational fan and adjustable settings.

  • No More Mess

    The Frostvaper is easy to clean with its removable fan. No more bulky and big fans that take up a lot of space. The FrostVaper has a sleek design and is compact and effecient.

  • Ultra Silent Quiet Mode

    Upgrade your sleeping experience and enjoy a cold room even at night with our super silent sleeping mode with a scedueled shutdown.

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Frankly asked questions


How cold does the FrostVaper get?

The FrostViper can make the room drop 10 degrees in under a second.

What is the steam that comes out?

The FrostVaper has a build-in humidifier that disperses fresh and cool water into the room. The FrostVaper is non toxic and uses no chemicals only fresh water.

How long can the FrostVaper run?

The FrostVaper can run for indefinitly. Yes you read that right, Indefinitly. The FrostVaper works on USB C cable and even works on a powerbank so you can use it wherever you are. However it is recommended to turn it off once in a while. It has a night setting with automatic timer that turns off.

Is the FrostVaper environmently friendly?

The FrostVaper has a long duribility and cools better than a regular fan that you leave running all day and night. Just make sure to regularly change out the water container and dont leave old water in there for long periods of time.

What type of water can I use?

Mineral, Bottled and tapwater are all ok to use in the FrostVaper. just make sure you change it regularly. the cleaner the water the fresher the air.

How much does shipping cost?

FrostVaper has FREE delivery worldwide!